Friday, July 18, 2008

Dual action infrared massager

Worlds first 7 inch variable speed, independently operated massager with soothing infrared heat.

I am very fond of this vibrator. I love the heat, I love that it is hard plastic, I like the size, I like the price, but I don't like the quality, I don't like that it is not waterproof, I don't like the ring separating the heat part and the normal part. This very well may be the best suited vibe that I can find for myself, but I sure hope not.

The Dual action infrared massager is my favorite vibe so far. The red heated light up tip does not disappoint. It is slightly erotic but also discrete. The amount of heat is impressive but not harmful. With the heat on and the dial turned all the way up you can really feel the heat, even when it's inserted. But you can also turn it down if you don't want to feel it as much. It feels great on my clitoris. While the sleek plastic shaft is great for insertion. I love the firmness that the plastic provides. The width and length are also very nice. The vibrations are loud, but they are powerful and can be mostly downed out by pillows and blankets.

As mentioned before this one has no penis shaped head. The sleek black shaft makes it discrete. I wouldn't be embarrassed to show this one to my mother or work out kinks in someones back. This is actually the only vibe my husband will use on me (my other ones scare him.) It also has the added bonus of getting me really wet really fast. We only have to use it for a few seconds before we throw it aside.

The battery cap (which is hard to take off and on) at the bottom of the vibe doubles as the controls. The whole cap turns so that you can set it to vibrate, heat, both or off. There is also a turn dial so that you can increase or decrease the intensity of each function. There is a little white painted arrow on the cap and painted function pictures of the shaft. Just line up the arrow (by twisting) to the function picture to get that function. Easy enough, but the paint wears off after a few uses making it difficult (but not impossible by any means) to find the function you want.

This vibe is easy to clean with soap and water. And since it is plastic dust and particles do not stick to it and it has no unpleasant odor. There is a small plastic ring between the heated tip and the black shaft. This ring likes to collect juices so just be careful to clean it well.

Overall this is a great vibe. The inexpensive price makes up for the poor battery cap quality. The inexpensive price makes up for the poor battery cap quality. I would recommend this to everyone both beginner and experts. As well as anyone looking to add a little more variety to their toy chest.

Pros: Powerful heated tip and vibration that can be used together separately or not at all.
Cons: Battery cap is hard to get on and off and the function pictures rub off.
Stars: 5 out of 5
Noise level: 5 out 0f 5
Power: 5 out of 5