Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wild G

Multi-function waterproof rabbit vibrator with rotating beads.

I am slightly disappointed and shocked that this puppy, or rabbit, or dolphin, or whatever the heck it is suppose to be, did not make a splash. It did however teach me a good lesson. DON'T LET YOUR TOYS TOUCH EACH OTHER. Especially your toys that contain silicon. It doesn't make since to me because I have a large set of perfectly still functional silicone bakeware that I pile up in a heap in a kitchen cupboard. I suppose it could be different stuff but it has the same name and will forever puzzle me until someone explains it.

This is my second "rabbit vibrator." I invested much time and research in choosing this particular one. I already owned the Peal butterfly vibrator and was looking for a slight improvement. I was really excited to try the G-spot, ball bearings, and waterproof features.

I tried it out the second I received it. I should have spend a few minutes to warm my self up or get the lube as I had a hard time inserting this sucker. Once inside I turned on the clitoral attachment. Boy does it have power. The clitoral vibrator on this vibe is amazing. The three prongs are a nice touch and the power in unbelievable. I was wet in no time at all and proceeded to turn on the rotation. Sadly I have to report that it hurt. Maybe I am just to small for a vibe this size but since it is only a half inch larger than the Peal butterfly (I was very satisfied with that width) I refused to believe it. I continued to try to enjoy it but I finally gave up turned it off and used just the clit vibrator which got me off quickly.

The next time I tried it I was sure to lube it up nice and good. It went in much easier but it still hurt. Being the stubborn person that I am I thought that using it in the bath would help relieve the pain. So into the bath I went. It held up very well in the water and the vibrations were just as powerful. But it did still hurt. I could not feel the rotation of the head like I had with the Peal butterfly. The beads themselves where much less exciting then the pearls because they never changed positions.

Thinking my experince with this vibe couldn't get any worse I set it aside and used my other ones for a while. When I decided to try this one again I was so surprised to find it melted. I had stored it in a cardboard box in the closet with all my other vibes and none of them had this problem. It looked like it had brushed up against a hot curling iron. There was a long thin line of melted TPR silicone running down the shaft. Being absolutely pissed off I threw it in a drawer and walked away. Days later I found it to be even more melted. Unfortunately I did not purchase it from this site and it would have coasted me just as much to send it back as I would have gotten for its return.

Pros: The clitoris stimulator is fantastic. It is a little high but easily moves to the right position.
Cons: I did not like the girth of this vibe nor could I feel the rotation of the head or the g-spot.
Stars: 1 out of 5
Noise level: 3 out of 5
Power: 5 out of 5