Sunday, July 20, 2008

Absolutely angelic

Discreet multispeed vibe with an abstract shape

I pull this one out all the time when I just want a little something. AKA: I'm to lazy to do any work and don't really care if I orgasm or not. I like that the sleeve comes off and I can say I own a classic bullet vibe. I also like the blue color (I know the one in the picture is pink) and the velvet smooth controller. I like it so much in fact that I recently purchased a velvet smooth vibe. Yay! I'm super excited to receive it. I'll let you know how much I like it soon.

This vibe really interested me because it was a small vibe (that took normal AA batteries) with a bullet and an attached controller. I really wanted something small enough to insert and go about cleaning the house or doing laundry. The Absolutely angelic really fit the bill. It had all the criteria I was looking for and more.

Over the bullet is a sleeve with three graduated balls that help with insertion and can really be felt by the vaginal opening. The curvy shape could also be great for the g spot. Although I found it to be to short to stimulate mine. The sleeve is also removable so you can use the bullet all over your body.

The vibrations were pretty good for it's size. I haven't had many orgasms solely using this toy but that wasn't what I got it for anyways. I love that it is waterproof. I have used mine a few times in the bath and have had no problems. My husband and I love to take baths together and this little thing is just small enough for me to use without him even knowing. I did question the waterproofness of the controller but when it fell in and nothing happened I was gladly relieved.

Speaking of the controller it has four different speeds ranging from low to high. I have always used only the highest setting on my vibes but this one actually feels pleasant being on low. It is very easy to use and so very soft. I think my favorite part about this toy is the feel of the controller.

Overall this is a nice beautiful little bullet vibe. It is not intrusive but can be used in more then one way. It is good quality and waterproof for simple as pie clean up. If that's what you are looking for then you have found it.

Pros: This vibe is pleasing to the eye and to your most intimate places.
Cons: It (usually) isn't quite enough to make me cum.
Stars: 3 out of 5
Noise level: 2 out of 5
Power: 2 out of 5

Peal butterfly

Multispeed rotating dildo with butterfly clitoris stimulator

This is my favorite "rabbit vibe" that I own. Granted I only own two and one is melted like hell itself. The butterfly is a nice size and I LOVE that I can feel the rotating head, but I get tired of it after awhile. The beads don't really do much for me either. The power is not weak but not strong enough for me. Before I orgasm I always think to myself "stop kissing me butterfly and start sucking." Along with my wishes of more power I also want to pull the shaft out and just use the butterfly to cum. But as stated before it doesn't have enough power. I do cum but it takes a long time. I still get this one out from time to time when I want to-- take my time.

The first time I purchased any sex toys I got three. I couldn't decided which one I wanted plus I couldn't resist the free shipping. The Pearl butterfly vibrator was one of those first three. Initially I was afraid of it to be honest. It looked really beautiful but it was larger then the other ones I had purchased so I set it aside for awhile. After playing with my other vibes I realized how much I LOVE vibrators so I put my brave face on and tried this one out.

Boy was I disappointed in myself for waiting so long. The size was actually very pleasurable. I definitely got that "full" feeling. The two controls are easy to slide up and down and provide a great range. The one on the left controls the rotating beads and rotating head while the right one controls the vibrator on the butterfly. The butterfly itself is large enough to hit not only the clitoris but all around it. It does take a little maneuvering to get it in the best positing but once there it stays there well without having to constantly hold it in place. It could use more power but for my fist multi-function vibe it satisfied me very well.

The rotating head is a nice touch. I really love the feel of this when it is inside me. The peals are also nice because they jumble around creating diversity. They feel really great stimulating the vaginal opening. But when I start to come and push against them too hard they almost stopped rotating and make a struggling sound. I wish that I could turn the rotating head on without the beads.

The noise level is high (not so much the butterfly as the shaft.) At the time I first had it I lived with my in-laws and I only used it when they were gone or when I was feeling very brave. Now that I live alone with my husband it doesn't bother me a bit.

This vibe is rubber and is cleaned with water and soap or toy cleaner. The head of this toy is shaped like a penis including a slight indention to resemble the urethral opening, partials and dust get stuck in the little gap and are hard to get out. Also since it is not waterproof and the battery compartment falls off easily one must be very careful when washing this. I also don't like that the rubber collects dust and hair, making it important to clean it even before each use. It also has a slight smell that never goes away.

Now that I am no longer new to toys it takes me longer to get off with this one then it did before. But it still feels great and sometimes a long stimulating session is just what I want.

Overall this is a good solid vibe. I have had it for quite some time and it still works like it did on the first day. The rotating beads and head as well as the large butterfly make this one a great choice.

Pros: The large butterfly and rotating beads and head make for an all around enjoyable experience.
Cons: Although it is cleaned with soap and water the design makes it a little tricky.
Stars: 4 out of 5
Noise level: 3 out of 5
Power: 3out of 5

Wild G

Multi-function waterproof rabbit vibrator with rotating beads.

I am slightly disappointed and shocked that this puppy, or rabbit, or dolphin, or whatever the heck it is suppose to be, did not make a splash. It did however teach me a good lesson. DON'T LET YOUR TOYS TOUCH EACH OTHER. Especially your toys that contain silicon. It doesn't make since to me because I have a large set of perfectly still functional silicone bakeware that I pile up in a heap in a kitchen cupboard. I suppose it could be different stuff but it has the same name and will forever puzzle me until someone explains it.

This is my second "rabbit vibrator." I invested much time and research in choosing this particular one. I already owned the Peal butterfly vibrator and was looking for a slight improvement. I was really excited to try the G-spot, ball bearings, and waterproof features.

I tried it out the second I received it. I should have spend a few minutes to warm my self up or get the lube as I had a hard time inserting this sucker. Once inside I turned on the clitoral attachment. Boy does it have power. The clitoral vibrator on this vibe is amazing. The three prongs are a nice touch and the power in unbelievable. I was wet in no time at all and proceeded to turn on the rotation. Sadly I have to report that it hurt. Maybe I am just to small for a vibe this size but since it is only a half inch larger than the Peal butterfly (I was very satisfied with that width) I refused to believe it. I continued to try to enjoy it but I finally gave up turned it off and used just the clit vibrator which got me off quickly.

The next time I tried it I was sure to lube it up nice and good. It went in much easier but it still hurt. Being the stubborn person that I am I thought that using it in the bath would help relieve the pain. So into the bath I went. It held up very well in the water and the vibrations were just as powerful. But it did still hurt. I could not feel the rotation of the head like I had with the Peal butterfly. The beads themselves where much less exciting then the pearls because they never changed positions.

Thinking my experince with this vibe couldn't get any worse I set it aside and used my other ones for a while. When I decided to try this one again I was so surprised to find it melted. I had stored it in a cardboard box in the closet with all my other vibes and none of them had this problem. It looked like it had brushed up against a hot curling iron. There was a long thin line of melted TPR silicone running down the shaft. Being absolutely pissed off I threw it in a drawer and walked away. Days later I found it to be even more melted. Unfortunately I did not purchase it from this site and it would have coasted me just as much to send it back as I would have gotten for its return.

Pros: The clitoris stimulator is fantastic. It is a little high but easily moves to the right position.
Cons: I did not like the girth of this vibe nor could I feel the rotation of the head or the g-spot.
Stars: 1 out of 5
Noise level: 3 out of 5
Power: 5 out of 5

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dual action infrared massager

Worlds first 7 inch variable speed, independently operated massager with soothing infrared heat.

I am very fond of this vibrator. I love the heat, I love that it is hard plastic, I like the size, I like the price, but I don't like the quality, I don't like that it is not waterproof, I don't like the ring separating the heat part and the normal part. This very well may be the best suited vibe that I can find for myself, but I sure hope not.

The Dual action infrared massager is my favorite vibe so far. The red heated light up tip does not disappoint. It is slightly erotic but also discrete. The amount of heat is impressive but not harmful. With the heat on and the dial turned all the way up you can really feel the heat, even when it's inserted. But you can also turn it down if you don't want to feel it as much. It feels great on my clitoris. While the sleek plastic shaft is great for insertion. I love the firmness that the plastic provides. The width and length are also very nice. The vibrations are loud, but they are powerful and can be mostly downed out by pillows and blankets.

As mentioned before this one has no penis shaped head. The sleek black shaft makes it discrete. I wouldn't be embarrassed to show this one to my mother or work out kinks in someones back. This is actually the only vibe my husband will use on me (my other ones scare him.) It also has the added bonus of getting me really wet really fast. We only have to use it for a few seconds before we throw it aside.

The battery cap (which is hard to take off and on) at the bottom of the vibe doubles as the controls. The whole cap turns so that you can set it to vibrate, heat, both or off. There is also a turn dial so that you can increase or decrease the intensity of each function. There is a little white painted arrow on the cap and painted function pictures of the shaft. Just line up the arrow (by twisting) to the function picture to get that function. Easy enough, but the paint wears off after a few uses making it difficult (but not impossible by any means) to find the function you want.

This vibe is easy to clean with soap and water. And since it is plastic dust and particles do not stick to it and it has no unpleasant odor. There is a small plastic ring between the heated tip and the black shaft. This ring likes to collect juices so just be careful to clean it well.

Overall this is a great vibe. The inexpensive price makes up for the poor battery cap quality. The inexpensive price makes up for the poor battery cap quality. I would recommend this to everyone both beginner and experts. As well as anyone looking to add a little more variety to their toy chest.

Pros: Powerful heated tip and vibration that can be used together separately or not at all.
Cons: Battery cap is hard to get on and off and the function pictures rub off.
Stars: 5 out of 5
Noise level: 5 out 0f 5
Power: 5 out of 5