Sunday, July 20, 2008

Peal butterfly

Multispeed rotating dildo with butterfly clitoris stimulator

This is my favorite "rabbit vibe" that I own. Granted I only own two and one is melted like hell itself. The butterfly is a nice size and I LOVE that I can feel the rotating head, but I get tired of it after awhile. The beads don't really do much for me either. The power is not weak but not strong enough for me. Before I orgasm I always think to myself "stop kissing me butterfly and start sucking." Along with my wishes of more power I also want to pull the shaft out and just use the butterfly to cum. But as stated before it doesn't have enough power. I do cum but it takes a long time. I still get this one out from time to time when I want to-- take my time.

The first time I purchased any sex toys I got three. I couldn't decided which one I wanted plus I couldn't resist the free shipping. The Pearl butterfly vibrator was one of those first three. Initially I was afraid of it to be honest. It looked really beautiful but it was larger then the other ones I had purchased so I set it aside for awhile. After playing with my other vibes I realized how much I LOVE vibrators so I put my brave face on and tried this one out.

Boy was I disappointed in myself for waiting so long. The size was actually very pleasurable. I definitely got that "full" feeling. The two controls are easy to slide up and down and provide a great range. The one on the left controls the rotating beads and rotating head while the right one controls the vibrator on the butterfly. The butterfly itself is large enough to hit not only the clitoris but all around it. It does take a little maneuvering to get it in the best positing but once there it stays there well without having to constantly hold it in place. It could use more power but for my fist multi-function vibe it satisfied me very well.

The rotating head is a nice touch. I really love the feel of this when it is inside me. The peals are also nice because they jumble around creating diversity. They feel really great stimulating the vaginal opening. But when I start to come and push against them too hard they almost stopped rotating and make a struggling sound. I wish that I could turn the rotating head on without the beads.

The noise level is high (not so much the butterfly as the shaft.) At the time I first had it I lived with my in-laws and I only used it when they were gone or when I was feeling very brave. Now that I live alone with my husband it doesn't bother me a bit.

This vibe is rubber and is cleaned with water and soap or toy cleaner. The head of this toy is shaped like a penis including a slight indention to resemble the urethral opening, partials and dust get stuck in the little gap and are hard to get out. Also since it is not waterproof and the battery compartment falls off easily one must be very careful when washing this. I also don't like that the rubber collects dust and hair, making it important to clean it even before each use. It also has a slight smell that never goes away.

Now that I am no longer new to toys it takes me longer to get off with this one then it did before. But it still feels great and sometimes a long stimulating session is just what I want.

Overall this is a good solid vibe. I have had it for quite some time and it still works like it did on the first day. The rotating beads and head as well as the large butterfly make this one a great choice.

Pros: The large butterfly and rotating beads and head make for an all around enjoyable experience.
Cons: Although it is cleaned with soap and water the design makes it a little tricky.
Stars: 4 out of 5
Noise level: 3 out of 5
Power: 3out of 5